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Hi, I’m Dan

“Looking back at this photo I remember what a magical time the 1950’s really were – and now I want to share that memory with all of you”

Early Unique Original Photo

“Hanging out with friends” is an original snapshot taken in 1958 in the city of Long Beach, CA (copyright © Hale 2022) For the first time available in your choice of large (11″ x 17″ tabloid size) or a medium (5″ x 7″ postcard size). Ideal for framing to display in a living room, bedroom, bath, office, bar area, or garage. Many restaurants and service businesses are purchasing this to add to their retro decor. This instantly lights up any room with charm and good feelings.

Remembering the 1950’s Dan and his friends spent the 50’s going to the Drive-in Movies, Drive-in Restaruants, Quarter-mile Drag Races (the local drag strip could be heard roaring on Saturday nights), cruising in their cars downtown and along the beach and more. There was so much time spent in cars, it’s no wonder boys were studying the underside of Dan’s Oldsmobile.

Back when kids were good this photo was take by Dan’s sister who was an art student at the time. Dan was one of the 16 year-olds under the car (he’s 80 now). A few years before that they had staged a carnival in the backyard to raise money for the Polio Fund as America raced to find a vaccine for that frightening illness. Those efforts were written up in the local paper ;showing the ingenuity of American kids.

Genuine 1950’s Black & White Print

Hight Quality Print professionally printed on heavy card stock paper for a durable photo that will last and look good for years of enjoyment and compliments. This is essential for antique ;car collectors, cruisers, and 50’s music fans of every style. This is a unique, original photo not found in stores. It instantly captures the spirit of the 1950’s for an amazing photo that always gets attention.

Great Gift Idea it makes a thrilling gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or Father’s Day. Many people are buying several to share with friends. Get yours while we have this exclusive print in limited supply. It’s selling fast after being recommended by cruisers and antique car clubs as a must have photo.

Original 1950’s Photo is the real deal that will instantly add charm and historic realism to your home or office. This is the perfect photo for your “Man Cave” or garage and an instant collectors item for fans of the 1950’s, rockabilly, antique cars, and everyone who treasures the 50’s as a wonderful time to be alive.

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