CellNock® I Smart Doorbell Peep Hole – Wireless Indoor Unit


See and talk to a visitor at your door from anywhere with your smart device


CellNock® is the ORIGINAL Smart Doorbell Peep Hole and is perfect for your office. The CellNock® I easily installs on doors, windows, and cubicles with its adhesive backing. Once installed you can receive alerts on your smart device when someone presses the call button. Clients may show up unexpectedly while you are away from your desk or office. Perhaps office staff need to reach you while you are out to lunch but don’t have your cell phone number, but when you have a CellNock® I available, they can still communicate when it’s really important. You can see and talk to a caller, but they can not see you. You can even accept or reject the call from your smart phone or tablet, or just monitor your caller with the video camera (internet connection required). You do not need to be at your desk or office to receive alerts or communicate with visitors, because you can just use your mobile device. The CellNock® I Smart Doorbell Peep Hole includes a wireless indoor doorbell chime. For use with an Android or iOS phone or tablet.

The CellNock® I – Use it as a communication tool for your office

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Lens: HD Color Camera with 80 deg., Video: H.264 CODEC with 720×576 resolution @ 15fps, Audio: Microphone and speaker inside, Power: 5000mAh lithium battery, Micro USB interface, Wireless: 2.4-2.484GHZ, App settings enabled, Waterproof: IP65, Operating Conditions: Temperature – 10 deg.~60 deg. Celsius, Humidity <90%, App OS: Android/iOS, Indoor Doorbell Chime (2X AA batteries not included)


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