Creative Minds Designs – Product Development, Marketing, and Sales

Creative Minds Designs was established in 1995 in Irvine, California. We provide graphic and web design, video and audio production, also 3d modeling and prototyping. We specialize in product patents, development, and marketing services for clients all over the United States. Our goal is to assist inventors and businesses get their product to market using our vast knowledge and resources we have acquired over many years. We have a deep commitment to our clients because we have been in their shoes in every aspect of product marketing.

Our commitment to the client is second to none. We have always followed a rule of thumb give the customer what they want, and we never say “no”. No job is too big or too small for us to accept, and we will provide our customers support as long as we are in business (for many years let’s hope!)

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Our staff is well trained in all areas of product development. We can do anything from assisting clients to form concepts, providing patent drawings, marketing products, and acquiring licensing with manufacturers and retailers.

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